Law enforcement efforts against child sexual abuse

As Internet use becomes more prevalent than ever, law enforcement officials are on higher alert to combat so-called "cybercrime." But, contrary to what some people may think, the term "cybercrime" doesn't simply encompass crimes like credit card fraud or identity theft - it can involve any type of crime in which an alleged perpetrator uses the Internet to commit a criminal act. Sex crimes, in particular, are one such criminal act that law enforcement agencies both local and national consider to be a top priority.

In fact, the Federal Bureau of Investigation has set up the Violent Crimes Against Children program in response to ongoing efforts by alleged criminals to exploit children sexually, typically by way of Internet use in some respect. For instance, human trafficking for sexual purposes and the distribution of child pornography are both criminal activities that the FBI is actively attempting to put an end to.

This FBI program doesn't just look at criminal activities in the United States; if an alleged criminal enterprise has international connections as well, the FBI will coordinate with the appropriate law enforcement agencies in whichever country they need to. However, here at home they also coordinate with state and local law enforcement agencies as well.

Any type of child sexual abuse is always going to garner a lot of police attention. When a California resident is facing these types of allegations the options to get back to a normal life may not be clear. However, if there were missteps in the police investigation or in the prosecution effort as the criminal case plays out court, there may be ways to get charges reduced or dismissed altogether.

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