What Evidence is Needed for a Child Pornography Case?


Internet users, in the safety and privacy of their own homes, often forget that their activity can be monitored and later used in a criminal case. You may be wondering, what evidence is required for the police to move forward with a child pornography arrest? Our attorneys at Schweitzer & Davidian are here to share some of the most common types of evidence and what to do if you are charged with this serious offense.

Common Types of Evidence in Child Pornography Cases

The most common type of evidence in child pornography cases is online files or downloads. This type of evidence shows minors in sexually suggestive or explicit situations. If this content has been viewed by the computer user, downloaded, saved, or distributed, it can result in child pornography charges.

Child pornography charges may also come as a result of online communication records. For example, messages showing an adult soliciting inappropriate content from a minor (when they are aware the individual they are talking to is under 18 years of age).

How Does Law Enforcement Find This Evidence?

There are a number of ways that law enforcement may become aware of child pornography-related activity online. First, they may use IP addresses to track suspicious activity. IP addresses are unique for individual users, making it easy to gather more information about who is conducting what activity online.

Police officers may also obtain a search warrant if they have valid reason to believe that you are engaging in illegal activity online. With a search warrant, they can look through all data stored on your computer. Interestingly enough, they do not need a search warrant to view your browsing history.

Facing Child Pornography Charges in Fresno

If you are facing felony or federal child pornography charges, you need to hire a defense attorney immediately. These cases are some of the most serious, and many people will be working against you. You need someone in your corner. Our team at Schweitzer & Davidian is prepared to fight alongside you. Contact us today to set up an initial case consultation and get started on your defense.

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