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Drug crimes are aggressively prosecuted in California—sometimes too aggressively. Individuals can be wrongfully accused of drug crimes as a result of an illegal search and seizure, an illegal sting operation, false information provided by an informant or a multitude of other mistakes by arresting officers. If you are facing a drug crimes charge, it is important to contact Visalia & Fresno drug lawyers.

At Schweitzer & Davidian, our Fresno drug crime defense lawyers represent individuals throughout California's Central Valley and beyond who face a wide variety of drug charges involving marijuana, cocaine, LSD, methamphetamine, ecstasy, prescription drugs and more. Our drug crimes lawyers work closely with their clients to build the strongest defense possible. Your concerns and interests are our top priority.

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Types of Drug Crimes in California

California's Uniform Controlled Substances Act divides drug offenses into five separate categories or "schedules," with Schedule 1 crimes being the most serious and carrying the most severe penalties. There are other categories or "schedules" based on the type of drug and the amount you possessed at the time of your arrest that can determine the severity of your penalties. We have a lengthy record of successfully defending clients against the full spectrum of drug charges.

These drug crimes include:

  • Possession of a controlled substance
  • Transportation and sales of a controlled substance
  • Drug trafficking
  • Drug manufacturing
  • Possession of drug paraphernalia

In-Depth Knowledge in California Drug Crime Laws

At Schweitzer & Davidian, we will review every aspect of your arrest carefully and conduct our own investigation to determine if your constitutional rights were violated. Our comprehensive knowledge of California criminal laws allows us to catch law enforcement authorities who have overstepped their boundaries or identify prosecutors who are attempting to obtain a conviction with weak evidence. We are experienced trial attorneys who are always prepared to litigate when it is in a client's best interest to do so.

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An Overview of Drug Paraphernalia

Despite the changing attitudes toward some illegal drugs in California and throughout the rest of the country, being arrested in connection with illegal drugs can still lead to serious consequences. Drug charges that allege attempts to manufacture and distribute drugs are the most serious. Drug possession is usually a lesser charge, although it still has the potential to change a person's life if a conviction is a result. Possession of drug paraphernalia is another type of drug charge a California resident may face.

What is Drug Paraphernalia?

Many people are not familiar with what exactly constitutes "drug paraphernalia." The term encompasses a wide variety of items that are related to drug use, possession or concealment, but that are not actual drugs. For instance, items that are used to inhale marijuana, such as pipes or bongs, would be considered drug paraphernalia. Other items that could be considered drug paraphernalia are: syringes, deceptive devices used to hide illegal drugs and crack pipes.

Drug paraphernalia charges are often times add-on charges when a person is arrested for another drug-related charge. Drug paraphernalia charges are usually misdemeanors under California law. They can be part of a package of charges resulting from a drug-related arrest or they can stem from incidents such as a traffic stop, in which police find the paraphernalia in a person's vehicle.

Drug Crime Lawyers Serving Visalia & Fresno, California

In some cases, the best strategy is to negotiate for reduced charges or alternative sentencing such as completion of a drug addiction program. Our Fresno drug crime lawyers have a complete understanding of how much flexibility prosecutors have in each case and work to minimize the impact of drug charges on your life.

If you face drug crime charges or any other criminal charges, schedule a free, no-obligation consultation. We are ready to answer your questions and recommend the best course of action. For your convenience, we have offices in Clovis and Visalia.

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