Planning the right defense approach to drug charges in California

Many of our readers may be hearing news reports about the incremental shift in the way some politicians and law enforcement officials feel about the approach to drug crimes in California and throughout the country. There are some instances of cities or states reducing their emphasis on enforcement of lower level drug charges, like those related to the possession of small amounts of marijuana. But, in most places, Fresno included, being arrested on a charge related to drugs is still a very serious matter.

Our firm knows that prosecutors are still approaching most drug charges the same way they always have: with an aggressive effort to secure a conviction. California, as a state that shares a border with Mexico, is still a state where both state and federal law enforcement officials concentrate a large portion of their time on drug law enforcement.

However, the enforcement of drug laws, perhaps unlike any other area of criminal law, is ripe for constitutional issues to arise. The enforcement of drug laws often means that search warrants need to be obtained and executed. If this is not done properly, there could be issues regarding the illegal search and seizure of property.

Every arrest comes with a different set of unique circumstances, and that is why our firm believes it is so important to analyze every little detail in each case. A conviction on a drug charge can not only lead to a prison sentence, but it will also have other long-term serious consequences. Planning the right approach when crafting a criminal defense strategy can make the difference between freedom and prison. For more information on how our firm approaches drug charges, please visit the drug crimes overview section of our website.

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