Penalties for Failing to Register as a Sex Offender

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Sex crimes are unique in that after a conviction, most defendants are required to publicly register as sex offenders. However, this is not a one and done event. Sex offenders are required to follow strict conditions and meet requirements regarding their registration. Failure to do so can result in serious legal penalties.

Our defense team is here to discuss what you should know about how failing to register as a sex offender can lead to additional consequences, long after your case was finalized.

Requirements for Sex Offender Registration in California

Each defendant can be held to different requirements regarding their registration depending on the crime for which they were convicted.

Megan’s Law in California requires that sex offenders re-register every year within five days of their birthday. Individuals convicted of especially severe sex crimes may be required to check in and re-register more frequently, like every one to three months.

How long the defendant is required to remain on the registry will also depend on the severity of the sex crime. The minimum amount of time is generally ten years, while some defendants may be required to register as sex offenders for the rest of their lives.

Penalties for Failure to Register

Failure to register as a sex offender can result in a new misdemeanor or felony charge. It may be a misdemeanor if the defendant does not have a prior conviction for failure to register, or a felony if the defendant has a prior record of failing to register.

In either case, a conviction for failure to register as a sex offender can result in a jail sentence, fines, added probation, and more consequences.

Sex Crimes Defense in Fresno, California

The best way to avoid having to worry about sex offender registration is by avoiding a conviction in the first place. If you have recently been accused of criminal sexual conduct, contact our defense team at Schweitzer & Davidian. We want to help you clear your name and/or reach the optimal case outcome for you. Share the details of your situation during a confidential consultation today– click here or call (559) 206-2322.

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