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Being charged with drug possession is a serious matter. If you are convicted, you could face jail time, fines, and other penalties. You will also have a criminal record, which can make it difficult to find a job, get a loan, or find housing. If you are facing drug possession charges, it is important to get legal help as soon as possible.

At Schweitzer & Davidian, our Fresno drug possession lawyers have extensive experience defending clients against all types of drug charges. We know how to build a strong defense and will fight to protect your rights and your future.

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Understanding Drug Possession Charges in Fresno

Drug possession charges in Fresno can result from the possession of controlled substances like marijuana, cocaine, methamphetamine, prescription drugs, or other illegal substances. California law distinguishes between two main types of drug possession:

Simple Possession: This is when an individual is found with a small amount of a controlled substance for personal use. It is usually charged as a misdemeanor, but the penalties can still be severe, including fines, probation, and even jail time.

Possession with Intent to Distribute: This charge applies when law enforcement believes that the individual intended to sell or distribute the drugs. The consequences for this offense are much more severe and may include substantial prison time.

Why You Need a Fresno Drug Possession Defense Lawyer

When facing drug possession charges, it's essential to have a knowledgeable attorney by your side who can navigate the complexities of the legal system. Here are some reasons why hiring a Fresno drug possession defense lawyer from Schweitzer & Davidian is your best choice:

Expertise in California Drug Laws: Our lawyers have an in-depth understanding of California's drug laws, including recent legislative changes. We stay up-to-date on the evolving legal landscape, ensuring the best possible defense strategy for your case.

Investigation and Evidence: We will meticulously examine the evidence against you, looking for any violations of your rights, illegal search and seizure, or other procedural errors that could lead to a dismissal or reduction of charges.

Negotiation Skills: Our lawyers are skilled negotiators and can work to secure a favorable plea deal if that is in your best interest. We will strive to reduce the penalties you face and help you avoid jail time.

Trial Experience: In the event that your case goes to trial, you can count on us to provide a strong and aggressive defense. Our trial experience and legal expertise will be an invaluable asset when arguing your case before a judge and jury.

Protect Your Future with Schweitzer & Davidian

At Schweitzer & Davidian, our priority is to protect your rights and your future. We understand the consequences of a drug possession conviction and will work to achieve the best possible outcome for your case.

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