Why Hire Criminal Defense for a Felony?

Being arrested for a felony charge is more serious than for a misdemeanor charge because a felony conviction carries a penalty of at least one-year incarceration in state prison. More serious cases can result in longer sentences.

Those facing a charge that carries a potential jail sentence are required to have sufficient legal counsel. Many defendants who are charged with a felony are eligible for a public defender to represent them in their criminal case.

However, the results of your case with a pubic defender may not be ideal. Learn how one of our Fresno defense attorneys can provide you with an optimal resolution.

Investigating the Case

One of the main differences between a private criminal defense attorney and a public defender is their investigation of the case. A diligent private attorney can inspect all articles of evidence for validity and adhere to the rules of admission. This can include examining problematic or borderline evidence that may have been obtained outside the constitutional rules of search and seizure.

Prosecutors often attempt to protect police officers who file charges based on frivolous evidence, and a public defender will typically not go up against the prosecutor for this reason. Your private criminal defense attorney can move to suppress all evidence that cannot be used in the prosecution.

Case Negotiations

At Schweitzer & Davidian, our dedicated attorneys will be more aggressive in case negotiations than an assigned public defender who will likely want to avoid a trial because of their excessive caseload.

Trying the Case

Having an attorney who is willing to represent your best interests during trial is critical for those charged with a felony in California. While public defenders may want to avoid a trial, a private defense attorney will use all defenses available to protect your rights appropriately.

If you’re facing a felony charge in California, do not hesitate to contact Schweitzer & Davidian at (559) 206-2322 for a free consultation.

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