Different Kinds of California Felonies

Every criminal charge carries specific penalties, but the consequences are highest when the act is felonious. Felony charges have much longer terms of imprisonment and more substantial fines when compared to misdemeanor criminal charges.

Misdemeanor convictions result in less than a year of jail time, but felony convictions can result in several years of imprisonment. Additionally, felonies can have additional consequences that may include a damaging criminal record that impacts the convict’s ability to apply for housing, employment, or professional licensing.

If you or a loved one is facing a felony charge, you may want to seek the help of an experienced Fresno criminal defense attorney. Schweitzer & Davidian can fight for you in an attempt to get your criminal charges reduced or dismissed.

Crimes Against Persons
Homicide and murder are perhaps the most well-known “crimes against persons” felonies, but other crimes against persons may include aggravated assault, aggravated battery, or robbery. These kinds of cases are more difficult for alleged offenders because the nature of the crime requires a victim who may advocate for the criminal charges made against the accused.

Sex Crimes
Rape is perhaps one of the most common sexual offenses, even though the alleged offenders in such cases may have thought that the sexual encounters were consensual. Other common sex crimes may include unlawful sexual intercourse or statutory rape, pimping and pandering, or child molestation.

Other Felonies

Other California felonies include human trafficking, taking hostages, drug trafficking (depending on the drug, and the weight of the drugs.) Regardless of the accusations levied against you, hiring an experienced criminal defense can help your case.

If you or your loved one are facing any kind of felony charge in California, consider hiring a skilled Fresno criminal defense attorney. Schweitzer & Davidian has helped scores of clients fight criminal charges and achieve the most favorable possible outcomes for their criminal cases.

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