Attorney Annie Davidian Secures Major "Not Guilty" Verdict For Her Client

On Friday, November 22nd, after approximately 7 hours of deliberation, in the Visalia Superior Court, Department 6, a jury returned verdicts of Not Guilty in 2 Counts of Attempted Murder (firearm) that had been filed against Annie Davidian's client. The jury hung on a separate Gang Conspiracy (Murder) Count.

Gang cases are extremely prejudicial and hard to defend under the best of circumstances. This case presented some very difficult factual and legal challenges to effectively defend, much less to obtain Not Guilty findings by a Visalia jury. Annie Davidian rose to the challenge and fought like Hell for our client. She also applied her extensive knowledge about gangs when cross examining the prosecution's gang cops. It became obvious that the prosecution simply manufactured their case around conjecture, minimally probative facts and the prejudice that accrues when people are improperly labeled.

The jury seems to have observed the fact shortage that Annie brought home in her powerful closing argument. Annie Davidian always goes above and beyond the call of duty. But in this case, she was simply exceptional. Congratulations Annie Davidian!!! 2 Counts Attempted Murder - Not Guilty.

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