Investigation of sex crimes leads to arrest of Fresno resident

Most Fresno residents probably know their neighbors and feel comfortable where they live. But, many people also know that allegations of child sexual abuse against a local resident can rock a community. One part of Fresno is feeling these effects in the wake of the arrest of a 29-year-old man earlier this month on several sex crimes charges - all felonies - in which the alleged victim was a minor child.

According to the reports, the alleged victim apparently reported the abuse to his mother when they sat down to talk about his recent problems in school. The reports indicate that the alleged victim's mother had become concerned because her son had been suspended after fighting with other children. The alleged victim reportedly told his mother that a neighbor in their apartment complex had been abusing him sexually.

The details in the initial reports did not go into what exactly was alleged to have happened in the encounters between the suspect and the victim. However, law enforcement officials investigating the case reported to the media that the descriptions that the victim provided were very specific.

For now, the defendant will likely be focused on planning his criminal defense strategy. But, there may be more to the case: the reports indicate that law enforcement officials seized electronic devices from the defendant's residence, obviously in an attempt to see if there is any child pornography recorded on the devices. If police allege that they find more evidence, in this case, the defendant could be facing, even more, felony charges.

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