Serious charges filed against four alleged gang members

Illegal gang activity is a concern for many cities throughout the country, and Fresno is one of them. However, in the effort to police this issue, it is important for law enforcement agencies to do so in the appropriate manner, ensuring that they respect the constitutional rights of everyone they come into contact with during the course of their investigations.

Criminal defense strategies for several individuals will be working to make sure this was the case during a recent sweep targeting alleged gang members that occurred in Fresno recently. According to preliminary reports, the sweep was specifically focused on alleged members of the Fifth Street Bulldog gang. The law enforcement operation reportedly included over 90 police officers.

During the sweep, the report noted that eight search warrants were served. In total, it appears that four men were arrested, two for their alleged role in a murder that occurred back in January of this year. The other two were arrested on unrelated charges - one on suspicion of being involved in a carjacking in October of 2014, the other for allegedly being a felon in possession of a firearm.

The allegations these for men are facing are obviously quite serious. The prosecution case against each is sure to attempt to include any details regarding the alleged gang involvement on the part of each of the four men. This is usually done in order to cast the defendant in a bad light in front of the factfinder - either a judge or a jury.

When individuals are arrested, accused of a crime and face serious charges, it is important they understand their legal rights. This could result in further investigation and using evidence to reduce or dismiss the charges against them. Defendants charged with a crime should ensure their rights are protected and their interests are preserved.

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