What is the real reason behind drug charges?

Drug abuse is a national problem that gets quite a bit of attention all of the time. Criminal charges for drugs, for the most part, are a state-level issue. However, there are quite a number of federal drug charges a Fresno resident could face as well. But what is the real story behind the people who are arrested for drug charges in America?

According to statistics tracked by the federal government, a large percentage of criminal offenders admit to committing the crimes they were convicted of due to their addiction to drugs. In fact, nearly one-fifth of prisoners at both the state and federal levels admitted as much.

So, what can society do when a large portion of the criminal population is motivated by drug addiction? What options do California residents who are facing drug charges have if they just want to be able to address their drug addiction and move on with life?

Fortunately, California is one of the most progressive states in the country when it comes to recognizing the difference between someone who is engaged in the drug trafficking trade and someone who is suffering from a drug addiction. Many defendants who face simple drug possession charges may be able to enter into a drug diversion program or another program that will put the criminal case on hold in order to let the individual prove to a judge that they are serious about getting their addiction under control.

For others, a stay in an inpatient drug treatment facility may even be a condition of probation. All it takes is an open mind on the part of all of the parties involved, both the criminal defense side and the prosecution.

Those accused of a drug crime should consider their legal defense options. This could mean seeking legal guidance about their rights and options, allowing them to take timely action that is in their best interest.

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