Alleged encounter leads to sexual assault and kidnapping charges

Being accused of kidnapping sounds like something that only happens in the movies. However, it is not impossible for a misunderstanding or similar situation to result in such accusations and having to secure a criminal defense. Many of our Fresno readers have probably heard the news reports about an alleged attempted kidnapping that took place in nearby Hanford. A 29-year-old man has been arrested in connection with the case.

According to the reports, the suspect approached a 12-year-old girl who was walking to school on April 10. In the alleged encounter, the suspect reportedly told the young girl that she was "pretty" and "beautiful," before making physical contact with her when she stopped to tie her shoe. The physical contact allegedly consisted of the suspect forcing the young girl to give him a hug. The reports indicate that the suspect then purportedly refused to let go of the young girl and also threatened her, but she was able to escape the man's grasp. She then ran to school and reported the encounter.

When police officers were investigating the allegations near the reported crime scene, the reports indicate that they recognized the suspect as fitting the description of the suspect provided by the young girl. During the officers' discussion with the alleged perpetrator, it appears that he advised them that he was in the area at the time. He was arrested and charged with attempted kidnapping, witness intimidation and attempted sexual assault.

The crucial part of the case against the suspect will likely be the victim's testimony regarding the alleged incident. According to the reports, the alleged victim did, in fact, identify the arrestee as the man who approached her. The initial reports did not indicate whether or not the suspect had bail set.

When a local resident is accused of sexual misconduct, the allegations can set in motion an intimidating process wherein the rights of the accused may be threatened. Those charged with sex crimes can contact an experienced criminal defense attorney in order to better understand their rights and how to protect them.

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