Several people face charges after police crackdown on gangs

Some of our Fresno readers may have heard about a shooting that took place last month that allegedly involved some members of prominent Asian gangs. In the shooting, a 22-year-old man was killed, and a suspect was not immediately apprehended. As a result, law enforcement officials decided to conduct a large-scale operation to crack down on alleged gang members and violent crimes in Fresno.

According to the reports, at least 19 people have been arrested in the law enforcement sweep that has been under way since the shooting. A dozen firearms have reportedly been seized thus far. In addition, a 26-year-old man who is allegedly a member of the Tiny Rascals Gang was arrested on suspicion that he is connected to the murder.

Of the other individuals who were arrested, several are facing weapons charges. The reports indicate that three individuals were arrested at one apartment in particular, where six firearms were allegedly found. More recently, two more individuals were arrested in the same area as where the Oct. 20 shooting occurred. Those two individuals, one of whom is a juvenile, are also facing weapons charges.

Whenever a wave of violence breaks out, community leaders feel the pressure to act in order to take control of the situation. This intensified police activity in Fresno is one such example. However, it is important that police officers do not forget the constitutional rights of Fresno residents in their eagerness to play a role in keeping the peace. Sometimes, when there is pressure from the community to arrest alleged criminals, innocent people get caught up in the crackdown.

All those charged with crimes deserve a defense. When the charges involve violent crimes and severe penalties, it's especially important to have the help of experienced defense attorneys.

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