The Night Before Thanksgiving: A DUI Warning

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While most look forward to the feast on November 24th, the night of the 23rd is a celebration in and of itself. Many individuals participate in a relatively new tradition called ‘Blackout Wednesday’ that takes place the night before Thanksgiving each year. Here’s what you need to know about the festivities.

What is Blackout Wednesday?

Blackout Wednesday, also called Whiskey Wednesday, takes place the night before Thanksgiving. On this night, many people gather at their local hometown bars to connect with old friends and indulge in heavy drinking. However, most problems start when those who have been drinking must get home.

DUI on Blackout Wednesday

The police are aware of this tradition, and most precincts will increase their patrols on this night. If you are driving on Blackout Wednesday, you may notice more police cars around or you may even enter a sobriety checkpoint. If you violate any traffic laws, you may be pulled over and questioned about driving under the influence.

Stay Safe on the Night Before Thanksgiving

Whether you are participating in Blackout Wednesday or simply traveling by car that night, you need to use caution to stay out of harm’s way and legal trouble.

  • Only drive when you are sober
  • Avoid driving in areas where there are bars
  • Stay aware of your surroundings
  • Check for DUI checkpoint announcements in the days before Blackout Wednesday

Making safe choices will ensure that your holiday season continues without the stress of criminal charges.

Fresno DUI Defense Attorneys

Because the police are aware of the Blackout Wednesday tradition, they may be quick to stop and arrest drivers. This can result in illegal stops, wrongful arrests, and a myriad of other issues. If you are charged with DUI this Thanksgiving, contact our defense team at Schweitzer & Davidian. We can help you fight your charges and get your winter back on track.

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