Non-Alcoholic Beverage Substitutes for this Holiday Season

fancy cider drink

There are many reasons why people choose to be sober for the holidays. For some, it’s because they are in recovery from substance abuse. Others may have plans to be the designated driver after some events. Others may simply be taking a break from alcohol that night. Regardless, many people find it challenging to stick with their sobriety while at social gatherings where alcohol is present or even abundant. Our team at Schweitzer & Davidian is here to share some non-alcoholic beverage options for those looking to still have a fun drink but who don’t want to risk DUI charges this holiday season.

1. Warm Apple Cider

Many people drink spiked apple cider or hot toddies at this time of year. However, warm apple cider is a great treat, even with zero alcohol content. You may pack some in a thermos and bring it to the event to know you are all set with an alcohol-free but festive option.

2. Eggnog

Like with cider, many people choose to spike their eggnog. However, alcohol-free eggnog is still a fun seasonal sweet treat. If you know the party host is serving eggnog, ask them if it will contain alcohol. If not– great! If it does contain alcohol, bring a batch of your own for yourself and anyone else who wants a break from the buzz.

3. Holiday Punch

Holiday punches incorporate delicious juices and festive garnishes. While again some people may choose to add liquor, you don’t have to! Simply having a fun drink to sip on can help you to feel included in the festivities, without the pressure to partake in alcohol.

Always Double Check the Recipe!

Many seasonal beverages are so sweet and flavorful that the alcohol can be easily masked. If you are drinking something that someone else prepared, make sure to double check that it is alcohol-free. If it isn’t and you drink it, you could be surprised if you are later pulled over and arrested for DUI.

DUI Defense this Holiday Season

If you are put in the unfortunate position of facing DUI charges over the holidays, Schweitzer & Davidian can help. DUI arrests tend to ramp up at this time of year, leading to more and more drivers facing serious consequences. Let us fight for you throughout your case; learn about why we are the right team for you during an initial consultation. Click here to reach out.

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