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What qualifies as a terroristic act?

In modern times, terrorist attacks have become an extremely unfortunate and all-too-often occurrence. Whether it is destructive bombings, shootings, heartbreaking kidnappings or more, every act of terror is a situation that carries significant weight and consequence. However, the exact definition of such acts may be difficult for most to outline. According to the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI), what exactly qualifies as an act of terror?

The FBI actually breaks terrorism into two categories: international terrorism and domestic terrorism. Domestic terrorism occurs within the territory of the United States and includes acts that pose a danger to human life which violates state or federal law and are meant to coerce or intimidate a population or government policy by means of assassination, kidnapping or mass destruction. This definition can include an act such as attacking a federal facility with a dangerous weapon.

The elements of international terrorism are essentially the same as domestic terrorism. However, international terrorism, as the name implies, occurs in other countries or crosses the boundaries of U.S. soil by the means in which the acts are carried out.

As is made clear by simply the descriptions of such acts, terrorist acts are extremely serious. Anyone facing a felony, terrorist in nature or otherwise, should fully understand the gravity of the situation and do what they can to pave a path toward the most favorable outcome. Seeking the assistance of an experienced attorney can help someone in such serious situations proceed with a legally solid plan of action.

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