Simple mistake leads to felony case for Fresno resident

Sometimes the simplest behavior can lead to a serious criminal case. Most of our Fresno readers have probably seen news reports about routine traffic stops - usually for something like speeding or a broken taillight - turning into a case involving the seizure of guns or drugs. When this happens, the case goes from a traffic citation to a serious criminal case involvingĀ felonies. According to a recent report, the simple act of riding a bicycle against the flow of traffic turned into a nightmare scenario for one Fresno resident on July 4.

The reports indicate that when the 19-year-old man was stopped by police, who were most likely primarily concerned with this individual's safety, the ensuing investigation led to a whole host of issues. For starters, the man allegedly provided false information to the law enforcement officials regarding his identity. However, the police officers apparently soon figured out who the man actually was, and when a check was done it was revealed that the man had an open felony warrant.

Upon being arrested for the open warrant, the law enforcement officials conducting a search of the suspect, including a backpack he was carrying at the time. The reports indicate that inside the backpack the police officers allegedly found a .357 revolver, as well as illegal drugs, including marijuana and cocaine. To make matters worse, the suspect also reportedly informed the police officers that he is a gang member in west Fresno.

If the reports are true that all this man was doing was riding against the flow of traffic on a bicycle, the fact that he is now facing serious charges and the potential for a lengthy prison sentence is very unfortunate. However, when the defendant begins to craft a defense strategy for this particular case, there may be options to challenge the allegations.

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