Can Felony Charges Against Me Be Dropped?

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Can Felony Charges Against Me Be Dropped?

If you are charged with a felony, you might face serious consequences if convicted.

These penalties might include:

  • A fine
  • Prison time
  • And other sanctions as allowed by state or federal law

However, there is no guarantee that you'll actually be convicted of arson, murder, or other crimes that the government believes that you have committed.

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There Is a Chance That the Felony Charge Might Be Dropped

The prosecutor in your case may opt to drop a charge before your case goes to trial. A charge might be dropped because the prosecutor doesn't believe that there is enough evidence to obtain a conviction.

This might be true if a key witness changes his or her story or if your attorney is able to get forensics evidence suppressed. In some cases, the state may decline to pursue a case because it doesn't believe that you deserve to be punished for your actions.

You May Obtain a Favorable Plea Deal

Depending on the circumstances of your case, it may be possible to obtain a plea deal. Generally speaking, a prosecutor will agree to drop the most serious charge against you in exchange for a guilty plea on a lesser offense.

Why Would a Plea Deal Be Offered?

You may be offered a plea deal as an incentive to testify against others who may be deemed more dangerous than you are. It's also possible that agreeing to a plea deal allows all parties involved to obtain a satisfactory outcome in a case without wasting time and money in court.

Should You Take a Plea Deal?

Your attorney will likely be able to help you review the terms of a plea deal, and he or she might also explain the potential indirect consequences of pleading guilty to a specific charge. If you have been convicted of a criminal charge in the past, a subsequent conviction could trigger mandatory minimum sentencing requirements.

You May Be Acquitted at Trial

Although a charge may not be dropped, it's possible that a jury will find you not guilty of a given offense. If you are acquitted by a jury, your attorney may be able to have the charge sealed or expunged.

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