4 Types of Federal Sex Crimes

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Federal offenses are the most severe crimes you can commit. In these cases, you have broken national laws. A federal sexual offense is an extremely serious crime. Let’s discuss four types of cases that may warrant federal sex crime charges.

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1. Child Sexual Assault or Abuse

Most sex crimes involving children are federal offenses. The sexual assault of a child is no exception.

The defendant will likely face federal charges for this crime if:
The abuse took place in multiple states
If the abuse took place on federal land
The victim was under age 16
If great threat or force was used
If the child was kidnapped
If the abuse resulted in injury or death

2. Child Pornography

Child pornography is not protected under the First Amendment. Federal law prohibits producing, distributing, receiving, or possessing child pornography. If you are found in violation of this law, you can face federal charges.

Federal law also applies when:

  • The pornography was transported by mail
  • The pornography was sent internationally
  • The pornography was put on the Internet
  • The parents of the exploited minor allowed the production or sale of pornography to occur

3. Child Sex Trafficking

Child sex trafficking occurs when individuals harbor and transport a minor, knowing they will be forced to engage in commercial sex acts or sexual behavior in exchange for money.

Contrary to popular belief, child sex trafficking does not require that the child is transported across state or international borders.

Child sex trafficking is punishable by over ten years in federal prison.

4. Repeat Offenses

If you have previously been charged with a felony or federal sex crime against children and are charged again, you will face federal charges and potentially life in prison.

Federal Sex Crimes Defense Attorneys

As you can see, most federal sex crimes involve children. If you are charged with a sex crime against children or a violent sexual offense resulting in federal charges, contact Schweitzer & Davidian today. Discuss the details of your case during a confidential consultation with our Fresno-based criminal defense attorney.