What Can I Do to Return Home After Domestic Violence Charges?

Being charged with domestic violence, whether or not the charges are true, comes with many negative consequences. The most common requirement that is set in place during the investigation is that you are to have no contact with the alleged victim. That means that if you live in the same home, you will be unable to enter the premises until the case is finalized.

With the COVID-19 quarantine forcing individuals to spend time at home, it’s important to understand how to return home following domestic violence charges.

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No-Contact Order

As we stated earlier, a no-contact order is a common order that is issued to the alleged abuser while a domestic violence case is investigated. This order bars you from coming into contact with the victim, and violating the order can result in severe penalties.

There are many situations where individuals report domestic violence only to take back their statements later. Unfortunately, even if the alleged victim wants the charges dropped, the judge will make the decision based on what’s safest for the victim.

Modifying Conditions of Release

While the judge ultimately makes the initial decision, an attorney can help you modify the conditions of release to have the no-contact order lifted early. Remember not to return home while the no-contact order is in place, doing so can lead to extremely severe consequences.

When discussing domestic violence charges, the purpose behind a no-contract order is pretty obvious. You’ve been accused of abusing someone at home and to protect the alleged victim from further abuse, you are unable to come in contact with them until the case is closed.

If you’re looking to modify your conditions of release, our team can help. Call (559) 206-2322 today to learn more about how we can help.

The Consequences of Violating No-Contact Orders

Failing to follow the no-contact order that has been issued to you by the court can result in severe consequences. Not only could it negatively impact your domestic violence case, but it could also result in additional charges. One of the most common is additional jail or prison time.

Speak with an attorney to discuss your options before you violate your no-contact order.

No-Contact Orders Change Families

No-contact orders come with legal consequences but they can also cause damage to family dynamics. While the alleged victim is commonly the person asking how to get their husband/wife home, a no-contact order often causes a large amount of strife for families.

The financial strain is the first problem. No-contact orders almost always result in doubling the cost of living for a family. If the alleged abuser cannot go home, they will have to rent property elsewhere.

In addition to the added financial burden, a no-contact order can greatly impact a family’s ability to have quality time together. Meaning that child care and other family activities are nearly impossible for families going through domestic violence cases, without the help of an experienced legal team.

Fighting to have a No-Contact Order Dropped

As we explained earlier, a no-contact order can change your life in many ways. However, working with an experienced team of trusted Fresno domestic violence defense attorneys can help ensure that you have the best chance of protecting your future.

Don’t risk having your life change forever because of a false allegation or mistake. Our team is here to help. Call us today (559) 206-2322 to learn more about how we can help over a consultation.

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