Criminal defense for veterans

Veterans face challenges that most people will never understand. Serving in the armed forces and deployment are events that affect a person for life. Disability, service-related injuries, and PTSD only add to the impact.

When a veteran is charged with a crime - DUI, drug possession, assault, etc. - there are so many things for the criminal defense attorney to consider.

Unfortunately, not all attorneys have experience defending veterans. And not all attorneys are aware of the sentencing alternatives available to combat veterans as well as other protections.

At the law office Schweitzer & Davidian, we have defended veterans from all major conflicts since the Vietnam war. In fact, attorney Schweitzer is well known for his support of veterans:

  • He was the only California attorney to win the admission of "total military institution" evidence in the guilt phase of the trial.
  • He has lectured on veterans and the criminal justice system before a large national audience.
  • He regularly provides legislative input in making improvements in the way the courts treat veterans.

Most importantly, he cares about veterans. Our whole law firm does.

Are you a veteran who has been charged with a crime? First, we thank you for your service. And we want to make sure that you are aware of the full scope of criminal defense options that are available to you as a veteran. Please contact our law office to learn more - and to learn how we can help you.

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