Understanding the impact of criminal charges on a person's life

It is common to hear people say "everyone makes mistakes." But, some mistakes have bigger long-term consequences than others. When Fresno residents find themselves in a situation where they are facing criminal charges or allegations, a mistake can be life-changing.

In the aftermath of an arrest on criminal charges, most peoples' heads are spinning. The suspect could have just been in a situation that spiraled out of control quickly, but there was never any criminal intent on the part of any party involved. Or, suspects could have been in a domestic abuse situation and they are shocked when they are the one who is arrested. The types of situations are endless, but in many cases, the result is the same - life is forever different for the arrestee.

At our firm we understand the huge impact that an arrest or criminal conviction can have on a person's life. For most people, the immediate result is the loss of their job, or perhaps a family is torn apart. Some short-term consequences can seem unavoidable, but when it comes to the long-term consequences of living life with an arrest record or a conviction, the immediate aftermath of an arrest is the time when beginning to craft a criminal defense strategy is crucial.

The lawyers at our firm know that after an arrest occurs there are many things that happen in a very quick sequence. An arrestee may have to face a judge who will determine the amount that bail will be set Or, evidence may need to be collected directly from the accused, such as a blood sample in a DUI arrest. These early stages of a criminal case, even if the suspect is lost and has never been in that type of situation, can make or break a case. For more information about how our firm may be able to help Fresno arrestees, please visit our website.

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