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August 2015 Archives

Can a murder charge come with a two-part trial?

Murder is the most serious criminal charge a person can face. Cases involving murder charges usually receive the highest level of attention and resources that a prosecuting attorney's office can muster. Many murder cases proceed all the way to a criminal trial, and those trials can sometimes takes days or even weeks to complete. However, how many California residents know that a murder trial can actually include two different phases?

The regulation of pseudoephedrine

It is no secret that America is dealing with a methamphetamine epidemic. The use and manufacturing of this illegal drug has exploded in the last few years, and Iowa has not been left untouched by the direct and tangential problems associated with meth use and distribution.

Supreme Court makes an important ruling on search and seizure

Scrutiny of a California law enforcement officer's conduct during a search of a person's residence or vehicle is usually a key part of any criminal defense preparation. While court rulings over the last several decades have carved out numerous exceptions, it is still highly preferable for a police officer or other law enforcement official to have a search warrant before conducting a search.

Defense options when facing drug possession charges

A drug possession charge is usually a misdemeanor, although the charge could be a felony depending on the amount of the drug the suspect is alleged to possess. Regardless, facing this type of charge is a serious matter, one that could result in a potential prison sentence if the case ends in a conviction.

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