Criminal Defense Lawyers In Fresno County

At some point in every criminal case there is a critical crossroads that, in large part, determines the outcome. If you face criminal charges and this decisive moment arrives, you want to be able to look across the table and be confident that your lawyer has the knowledge, the trial experience and the litigation skills necessary to deliver a knockout blow.

At the law firm of Schweitzer & Davidian, our long track record of successes against great odds is proof that we are up to the task. We represent individuals in the Central Valley, Northern California and throughout the state who face a wide array of criminal charges. For your convenience, we have offices in Clovis and Visalia.

Experienced, Engaged And Committed To Your Case

Together, attorneys Eric Schweitzer and Annie Davidian have more than 25 years of successful front line trial experience against the best state and federal prosecutors the government has to field. We know where to look for weaknesses in the government's case, and we are always on the lookout for more than one way out. We aim to give you choices about how your case ends. When your rights are at stake, we do not relent.

Our clients come first, and we don't accept prospective cases unless we believe we can get justice. Our clients are important people, not just a case or a file. To get the best possible results, we try to know as much as we can about the people we represent and what has happened to bring them here. Many of our cases are referrals from past clients or from other lawyers throughout the United States. We take pride in making each client's first experience with us a personal and lasting one.

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We help clients defend everything from drunk driving charges to homicide and gang-related crimes, as well as fraud, embezzlement and other federal charges.

The most important step for you to take is to contact us to schedule a free, no-obligation consultation by calling 559-321-7391. We will review the facts of your case and provide a candid assessment, as well as recommend the best course of action.

It is unethical for lawyers to make any promises or guarantees regarding case outcomes. We make no predictions herein about your case. Case outcomes are based on many individual factors, and no two cases are exactly alike. Our track record proves unparalleled results in criminal matters of all kinds. We are here to help you make smart choices and to get the best possible outcome for you or your loved one.

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