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February 2015 Archives

Serious charges filed against four alleged gang members

Illegal gang activity is a concern for many cities throughout the country, and Fresno is one of them. However, in the effort to police this issue, it is important for law enforcement agencies to do so in the appropriate manner, ensuring that they respect the constitutional rights of everyone they come into contact with during the course of their investigations.

Overview of child pornography laws in California - Part II

In Part I of this two-part series we examined what exactly constitutes child pornography in the State of California, as well as taking a look at some of the possible charges that a California resident could face in regards to child pornography. Here, in Part II, we will overview the potential penalties associated with a conviction on these types of pornography charges, and what types of criminal defense strategies a defendant could use.

Overview of child pornography laws in California - Part I

Law enforcement agencies throughout the country spend a great deal of their time and efforts in policing crimes against children. California is no different. Child pornography, in particular, is a primary focus for law enforcement agencies in California, especially since quite a bit of pornography - both legal and illegal - is produced within the state. In Part I of this series, we will examine what exactly constitutes child pornography and how a California resident could face charges related to child pornography.

Planning a criminal defense in response to a DUI charge

Most people who work in some capacity in the criminal justice system would probably agree that drunk driving arrests are some of the most common criminal cases they see. This is most likely true in states throughout the country, not just in California. However, just because these cases may seem "run-of-the-mill" to criminal justice professionals, that doesn't mean that they are no big deal to a California resident facing these charges.

I am charged with illegal possession or carrying a firearm. What can you do for me?

In today's world, people often feel the need to carry a concealed firearm at different times and places. Some people who are careful enough to seek a permit to do so, are nevertheless turned down based on an inability to show "need". Well, since when does the Constitution require anyone to show need to exercise their right to keep and bear arms? This issue is being developed in our federal courts, and the trend seems to be answering my hypothetical question with a resounding "Never". But these cases are still being argued, and for some time now, we will not have a definitive answer as to whether law abiding citizens must sacrifice their right to personal security in order to remain law abiding.

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