Juvenile Defense Lawyers Protecting The Rights Of Young People

Individuals under 18 years old who face criminal charges are usually sent to juvenile court, where the emphasis is on rehabilitation rather than punishment. What many people don't know, however, is that minors age 14 or older who face criminal charges for sex crimes, violent crimes and other serious offenses can be tried as adults and face lengthy incarceration.

If your child has been charged with a crime, it is important to retain the services of a Fresno County criminal defense lawyer who has extensive experience handling juvenile cases. Your child's long-term future is too important to place at risk by using an attorney who only dabbles in juvenile criminal defense law.

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We Routinely Represent Young People Caught Up In The Juvenile System

Juvenile courts divide cases into two categories:

Status offenses deal with less serious actions that are a crime because of the person's minor status. Examples include possession of alcohol and driving a motor vehicle without a valid license.

Delinquency crimes are more serious offenses that would be crimes whether the person arrested is a child or an adult.

Cases tried in juvenile court are decided by a juvenile court judge rather than a jury. Also, in juvenile cases there is no such thing as bail. An initial hearing is held to determine whether a minor must remain in custody or can be released to his or her parents.

Schweitzer & Davidian in Clovis has in-depth knowledge of juvenile criminal defense law. We understand the high stakes involved, and emphasize clear communication with the juvenile and his or her family throughout the case.

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