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Assault charges can stem from a wide variety of incidents, from domestic disputes to altercations in bars, schools or private homes. California law defines assault as any action that is likely to result in the use of force against another person. It is not necessary to actually strike someone to be charged with assault. The mere attempt to apply force to another person is sufficient enough for an assault charge.

If you face assault charges, it is important to enlist the services of an experienced criminal defense lawyer as soon as possible. Conviction of assault can have serious consequences, in terms of not only a jail sentence or probation, but also the long-term consequences of having a criminal conviction on your permanent record.

Don't make the mistake of speaking with police before you speak with an attorney. Cooperation without legal counsel rarely results in any lenience. More often than not, it can hurt your case or even lead to additional charges.

Lawyers Providing Exemplary Legal Representation

The experienced attorneys at Schweitzer & Davidian in Fresno County have a lengthy record of successfully defending individuals who face assault, domestic assault and other criminal charges. We are noted for our ability to pick apart a police report, find inconsistencies, and produce evidence that can result in charges being dismissed or significantly reduced.

Although a fight may seem insignificant to you, assault charges can be career-threatening. If a weapon or any object was involved, you may face charges of assault with a deadly weapon. This could be a felony charge that counts as a "strike" on your record under California's three-strikes law.

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Our assault defense lawyers in Clovis have more than 25 years of front line trial experience between them. We know how to clear our clients' names or minimize the impact of an assault charge or any criminal charge.

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