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Felonies Archives

Understanding gang-related charges in California

California is a state that takes gang-related crime very seriously. Part of the concern with this, is the laws surrounding possible gang activity deal mainly with consequences -- and not prevention. The laws do not really address why juveniles, or adults, get involved in gangs in the first place.

Juvenile faces charges of terroristic threats

Millions of Americans post messages, photos and videos on the Internet every day. It is simply a way of life these days. Social media outlets such as Twitter, Facebook and Instagram have millions of users worldwide. How many of those posts include something that law enforcement authorities would consider to be terroristic threats?

Can a murder charge come with a two-part trial?

Murder is the most serious criminal charge a person can face. Cases involving murder charges usually receive the highest level of attention and resources that a prosecuting attorney's office can muster. Many murder cases proceed all the way to a criminal trial, and those trials can sometimes takes days or even weeks to complete. However, how many California residents know that a murder trial can actually include two different phases?

Simple mistake leads to felony case for Fresno resident

Sometimes the simplest behavior can lead to a serious criminal case. Most of our Fresno readers have probably seen news reports about routine traffic stops - usually for something like speeding or a broken taillight - turning into a case involving the seizure of guns or drugs. When this happens, the case goes from a traffic citation to a serious criminal case involving felonies. According to a recent report, the simple act of riding a bicycle against the flow of traffic turned into a nightmare scenario for one Fresno resident on July 4.

The degrees of burglary in California

The legal terms burglary and robbery are often confused by people who don't work within the criminal justice system every day. There is a difference between the two terms. Robbery is a person-to-person crime, involving the use of force or the threat of force by one person to remove property from another person. Burglary is a crime by which the perpetrator enters a structure with the intent to commit a crime, usually theft. Both burglary and robbery are felonies.

What qualifies as a terroristic act?

In modern times, terrorist attacks have become an extremely unfortunate and all-too-often occurrence. Whether it is destructive bombings, shootings, heartbreaking kidnappings or more, every act of terror is a situation that carries significant weight and consequence. However, the exact definition of such acts may be difficult for most to outline. According to the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI), what exactly qualifies as an act of terror?

23-year-old man charged with felony possession of a weapon

Any criminal case that involves the alleged use of a firearm is going to be a serious matter. Most of the time firearm-related charges are felonies and, as a result, they come with the potential for severe penalties, including a potential prison sentence. For one man who was arrested recently near the Fresno Chaffee Zoo, this will be the reality he must face unless he plans out a solid criminal defense strategy.

What are the laws regarding rape charges in California?

Most of our Fresno readers already know that rape is one of the most serious criminal charges that a person can face in California. But, what some of our readers may not know is that there are certain levels and degrees of criminal charges that a person might commonly refer to as rape. So, what are the laws regarding rape charges in California?

A defense against assault charges

Most people in Fresno probably try to avoid conflict whenever they can. However, as the saying goes, "life happens." Sometimes a person can find themselves in an unexpected situation, and things can get tense. If an argument becomes physical, or if there is a threat of physical violence, there is a chance that one party or the other could be facing battery or assault charges.

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