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Drug Charges Archives

The first thing you should do after being charged with a drug crime

Drug crimes are harshly prosecuted in the United States. A conviction for drug possession, trafficking, distribution or a related crimes may land you in prison for a long time. If you have been charged, your freedom and your future are on the line.

The regulation of pseudoephedrine

It is no secret that America is dealing with a methamphetamine epidemic. The use and manufacturing of this illegal drug has exploded in the last few years, and Iowa has not been left untouched by the direct and tangential problems associated with meth use and distribution.

Supreme Court makes an important ruling on search and seizure

Scrutiny of a California law enforcement officer's conduct during a search of a person's residence or vehicle is usually a key part of any criminal defense preparation. While court rulings over the last several decades have carved out numerous exceptions, it is still highly preferable for a police officer or other law enforcement official to have a search warrant before conducting a search.

Defense options when facing drug possession charges

A drug possession charge is usually a misdemeanor, although the charge could be a felony depending on the amount of the drug the suspect is alleged to possess. Regardless, facing this type of charge is a serious matter, one that could result in a potential prison sentence if the case ends in a conviction.

An overview of drug paraphernalia

Despite the changing attitudes toward some illegal drugs in California and throughout the rest of the country, our readers know that being arrested in connection with illegal drugs can still lead to serious consequences. Drug charges that allege attempts to manufacture and distribute drugs are the most serious. Drug possession is usually a lesser charge, although it still has the potential to change a person's life if a conviction is the result. Possession of drug paraphernalia is another type of drug charge a California resident may face.

Search warrant requirements under the Fourth Amendment

Most of our readers probably know that searches are a regular part of police practice throughout the country. Residents of Fresno have probably seen news stories about "drug busts" where a SWAT unit raids a person's home and finds drugs or weapons. Still, what many people may not know is that in the vast majority of these types of raids, law enforcement officials have gone through the process of securing a search warrant. Still, in some cases the warrant may not be adequate and can be questioned by a criminal defense attorney.

What is the real reason behind drug charges?

Drug abuse is a national problem that gets quite a bit of attention all of the time. Criminal charges for drugs, for the most part, are a state-level issue. However, there are quite a number of federal drug charges a Fresno resident could face as well. But what is the real story behind the people who are arrested for drug charges in America?

Investigation of car theft leads to drug charges too

Many of our Fresno readers probably know that in many arrests there are different types of charges that might not seem to be connected. For instance, in a recent incident two men who were initially being investigated on potential car theft charges actually ended up facing drug charges as well.

Planning the right defense approach to drug charges in California

Many of our readers may be hearing news reports about the incremental shift in the way some politicians and law enforcement officials feel about the approach to drug crimes in California and throughout the country. There are some instances of cities or states reducing their emphasis on enforcement of lower level drug charges, like those related to the possession of small amounts of marijuana. But, in most places, Fresno included, being arrested on a charge related to drugs is still a very serious matter.

What does California's drug diversion program do?

The first time someone gets arrested it can be a frightening experience, even if it is for a low-level misdemeanor charge. This is often the case in arrests involving drugs and young people. There probably aren't too many California residents who would argue that young people have the best judgment, but should they pay the price for a small mistake for the rest of their lives?

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