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Criminal Defense Archives

How do juvenile and adult trials differ?

In many cases in which an individual considered a juvenile has been accused of delinquent acts, the decisions regarding how his or her legal proceedings will move forward fall to the parents of the individual. Therefore, as a parent, you will likely want to better understand how your child's case may differ from that of an adult legal trial. Additionally, you may want assistance when it comes to defending your child against accusations.

What is 'Three Strikes' law in California?

In baseball, it's "three strikes and you're out." In California, the concept is similar. Three felony offenses and you're out of luck. Goodbye career, goodbye family, goodbye hopes and dreams for the future. You'll be facing a very long time - possibly a lifetime - behind bars.

New DNA tests may leave great room for error

Earlier this year, the director of a forensic toxicology lab filed a lawsuit against New York City. Marina Stajic, who spent nearly 30 years in her role at the medical examiner's office, claims that she and her supervisors disagreed about whether a new DNA testing technique is truly accurate.

Options for veterans facing criminal charges

Military veterans face tremendous challenges when adapting to civilian life after armed service. These challenges can be exacerbated by the lasting psychological effects of war. For example, veterans suffering from PTSD and other psychological wounds often show a higher rate of criminal behavior.

Domestic violence accusations increase over the holiday season

Domestic violence can happen any time of the year. But over the holiday season, there is a known increase in domestic violence-related calls. In fact, according to the Domestic Violence Action Center, reports of domestic violence increase by an average of 17 percent on Christmas - and an average of 32 percent on New Year's.

Increased DUI enforcement over Thanksgiving and the holiday season

According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), Thanksgiving weekend is one of the most dangerous times to drive throughout the year. Law enforcement officers are on high alert during Thanksgiving and all throughout the holiday season, aggressively targeting drivers who are suspected of drunk driving and other traffic violations.

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