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March 2015 Archives

Defendant appeals his case to the California Supreme Court

The most exposure that the average California resident gets to the criminal justice system is through watching television shows like "CSI" or "Law and Order." While these shows can be entertaining, and on certain points, accurate, the real work of many of the people involved in the nuts-and-bolts process of the criminal justice system takes place "behind the scenes," such as interpreting the law through criminal appeals.

The "collateral consequences" of a criminal conviction

Most people would probably do everything in their power to avoid a criminal conviction. Just being arrested is bad enough these days, as many outside observers will immediately jump to conclusions about a person's guilt or innocence. However, a criminal conviction, beyond just the potential penalties involved in the criminal justice process, can come with significant "collateral consequences."

Defending against felonies and gang-related charges in California

Although Southern California gets most of the attention for gang-related activity, most of our readers probably know that this issue is a problem throughout the entire state. There is no denying that gang-related crime exists on a large scale in California, but it is important that this common knowledge should not turn into a bias on the part of potential jury members in a felony criminal trial.

What is the real reason behind drug charges?

Drug abuse is a national problem that gets quite a bit of attention all of the time. Criminal charges for drugs, for the most part, are a state-level issue. However, there are quite a number of federal drug charges a Fresno resident could face as well. But what is the real story behind the people who are arrested for drug charges in America?

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