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Planning a criminal defense in response to a DUI charge

Most people who work in some capacity in the criminal justice system would probably agree that drunk driving arrests are some of the most common criminal cases they see. This is most likely true in states throughout the country, not just in California. However, just because these cases may seem "run-of-the-mill" to criminal justice professionals, that doesn't mean that they are no big deal to a California resident facing these charges.

Every drunk driving case is different, but there are many of the same strategies that could apply when planning a criminal defense. For instance, most DUI cases begin as the result of a traffic stop. In every case like this, the police officer who initiated the traffic stop must be able to detail the exact reason why the stop occurred. In some cases the reason is a busted taillight or the failure to use a turn signal properly. Or, police officers may allege that they witnessed the suspect's vehicle swerving or crossing the center line. All of these are valid reasons to initiate a traffic stop, but they must be true: unproven allegations simply aren't good enough.

Another big factor in most DUI cases will be the results of a breathalyzer test. Our readers are probably familiar with how these tests work: the suspect is asked to blow through a tube, which feeds into a handheld machine that can interpret the sample into a blood alcohol content level. If that level is above .08, an arrest will almost certainly occur. However, there are ways to contest these results.

At our law firm, we have defended many of our clients against DUI charges. Anyone who is interested in learning more about our approach to drunk driving cases can visit the DUI overview section of our website.

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