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January 2015 Archives

What happens in a criminal trial?

Most criminal defense attorneys would probably be able to tell our Fresno readers that the vast majority of criminal cases throughout the country are resolved by way of plea agreements. It is mostly a matter of limited resources, in that prosecutors simply do not have the time to take every case to criminal trial, and thus they offer many criminal defendants a chance to plead to lesser charges and more limited penalties. Of course, this happens less often with the most serious cases, such as murder cases, but most of the time there is at least some negotiation between the defense attorney and the prosecutor on a possible plea deal.

Sex crimes investigation leads to arrest of 2 school employees

Many residents in the Fresno area were rocked by the recent news that two employees at Clovis High School were arrested on sex crimes charges recently. Parents always want to believe that their children are safe when they are with school employees, but these recent allegations will have many wondering how true this notion is. For the arrestees, the damage to their reputations has already been done.

Assault and battery, Part III - who potential penalties escalate

Part I of this series examined the difference between the criminal charges of assault and battery - charges that many people often mistake as one and the same. In Part II, we took a look at some of the potential criminal defense strategies available to defendants facing these charges, such as self-defense and consent. Here, in the last of a three-part series, this post will examine the potential penalties associated with a conviction on these charges, as well as how the charges can be enhanced and the penalties escalated.

Assault and Battery, Part II - defending against the charges

In Part I of this series we took a look at the difference between two criminal charges that are often lumped together - assault and battery. As we pointed out, although these two charges are sometimes thought of as one and the same, they are actually quite different, even though both are serious charges. In Part II of this series, we will take a look at how Fresno residents can go about putting together a criminal defense strategy if they are unfortunate enough to be facing one of these charges.

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