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December 2014 Archives

Assault and Battery, Part I - the difference between the charges

We all take a lot of what we know about the criminal justice system from what we see in movies and on television. Unfortunately, much of the legal jargon and procedure presented in these formats is incorrect. For instance, many of our Fresno readers have probably heard the term "assault and battery" thrown around, as if it was a singular event. But, in Part I of this series focusing on these criminal charges, we will examine how the two terms, "assault" and "battery," are actually two separate charges.

Understanding the impact of criminal charges on a person's life

It is common to hear people say "everyone makes mistakes." But, some mistakes have bigger long-term consequences than others. When Fresno residents find themselves in a situation where they are facing criminal charges or allegations, a mistake can be life-changing.

Investigation of car theft leads to drug charges too

Many of our Fresno readers probably know that in many arrests there are different types of charges that might not seem to be connected. For instance, in a recent incident two men who were initially being investigated on potential car theft charges actually ended up facing drug charges as well.

What information is on the California sex offender registry?

Most of our readers probably know that California, like all other states, has a sex offender registry. However, there are many people who don't know much about what this registry is and what type of information is available for public view.

Law enforcement efforts against child sexual abuse

As Internet use becomes more prevalent than ever, law enforcement officials are on higher alert to combat so-called "cybercrime." But, contrary to what some people may think, the term "cybercrime" doesn't simply encompass crimes like credit card fraud or identity theft - it can involve any type of crime in which an alleged perpetrator uses the Internet to commit a criminal act. Sex crimes, in particular, are one such criminal act that law enforcement agencies both local and national consider to be a top priority.

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