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There's no getting around it: criminal charges change lives. Whether you face a first-time DUI or a third felony conviction that will subject you to California's harsh three-strikes sentencing law, a criminal conviction can impact you and those you love for a long time.

At Schweitzer & Davidian, our experienced criminal defense attorneys are committed to eliminating or minimizing the impact of criminal charges. Attorneys Eric Schweitzer and Annie Davidian have a combined 25 years of legal experience. Both are skilled litigators with impressive success records in and out of the courtroom. You should know that we do not hesitate to go to trial when it is in a client's best interest.

Experienced Representation For The Most Difficult Of Circumstances

Mr. Schweitzer has practiced law since 1995, focusing his efforts on assisting countless clients throughout California using both state and federal criminal defense strategies. He has earned a reputation statewide as an excellent litigator who is able to face the state's top prosecutors.

Ms. Davidian has practiced law since 2007. Prior to that, she worked as an investigator in a public defender's office.

Attorney Available For You

We understand the tension that is caused by the uncertainty of facing criminal charges. That's why we emphasize a personal approach and make ourselves readily available to our clients from the initial consultation through the resolution of a case. We update you at every stage of your case and include you in the important decisions that must be made.

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